Georgia Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians’ Access to Adequate Healthcare Releases its Final Report

Georgia is currently one of a number of states seeking solutions to closing access to care gaps, especially in rural areas of the state. Specifically, Georgia has 79 counties that have no OB/GYN physicians, 63 counties that have no pediatricians, 31 counties with no internal medicine physicians, and six counties that have no family physicians.... Continue Reading →


AMA Calls for National Strategy to Oppose Independent Practice of Non-Physician Providers

Last month at the Interim Meeting of its House of Delegates, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted Resolution 214 calling for creation of a national strategy to oppose legislative efforts that grant independent practice to non-physician practitioners through model legislation and national and state level campaigns. Additionally, through the resolution the AMA also resolves to effectively: Oppose... Continue Reading →

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