The Coalition for Patients’ Rights (CPR) consists of more than 30 organizations representing a variety of non-physician licensed health care professionals who provide safe, high-quality and cost-effective health care services to millions of patients each year. These highly educated health care specialists complete years of education in their respective specialties, and have long been recognized at the federal and state levels as qualified and essential contributors to the U.S. health system.

Although they are excellent and indispensable caregivers to a large segment of the U.S. population, these professionals, who are neither medical doctors (M.D.s) nor doctors of osteopathy (D.O.s), must continually fend off efforts by organizations representing M.D.s and D.O.s to limit their scope of practice, essentially reducing patient access to these services.

CPR was formed with our patients in mind—to ensure that the growing needs of the American health care system can be met and that patients everywhere have access to the quality health care providers of their choice.

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